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Based on its acknowledged wide-ranging civil and anti-corruption law expertise 7BR is uniquely positioned to cover all the major aspects of sports law.

7BR has a multi-disciplinary sports team with a growing reputation in the major areas of litigation that relate to modern sport. This encompasses expertise in disciplinary, commercial and employment disputes relating to professional and amateur sports-men and women, as well as niche specialisms in areas such as motorsport.

In addition, 7BR is one of a small group of chambers to undertake advice and representation in a wider range of sports law that means it now provides a comprehensive sports law service.

Such expertise includes, personal injury/professional negligence in sport, health and safety law in particular relating to sports arenas and spectators, through to child protection in sport and national and international anti-corruption law that threatens the integrity of sport.

Chambers can therefore service the advisory and/or litigation needs of both major sporting institutions and organisations, in addition to the requirements of individual sports-men and women. All members of the sports law team are members of the British Association for Sport and Law.


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Sports Law Barristers

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Barrister Derek Sweeting

Derek Sweeting QC

Call: 1983 | QC: 2001

Barrister Barbara Connolly

Barbara Connolly QC

Call: 1986 | QC: 2011

Barrister Jeremy Pendlebury

Jeremy Pendlebury

Call: 1980

Barrister Tim Walker

Tim Walker

Call: 1984

Barrister Leslie Keegan

Leslie Keegan

Call: 1989

Barrister Tim Meakin

Tim Meakin

Call: 1989

Barrister Brendan Roche

Brendan Roche

Call: 1989

Barrister Adam Korn

Adam Korn

Call: 1992

Barrister Jeffrey Jupp

Jeffrey Jupp

Call: 1994

Barrister Elaine Banton

Elaine Banton

Call: 1996

Barrister Adam Walker

Adam Walker

Call: 2000

Barrister Gina Allwood

Gina Allwood

Call: 2002

Barrister Kat Shields

Kat Shields

Call: 2016

Barrister Nia Frobisher

Nia Frobisher

Call: 2016

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