About Us

About Us

7BR is one of the most respected barrister sets in the legal market today, praised by solicitor and lay clients alike for the fresh, straightforward approach members bring to their work, as well as for chambers’ long history of legal and advocacy excellence.

  • 84 members including 12 QCs are organised into specialist sector groups working in courts right across the country, each with an emphasis on close team working with clients and a keenness to understand the personal or commercial drivers behind any mandate.
  • Our standout legal expertise is evidenced by the number of our members who go on to distinguished service in the judiciary; as High Court judges, Recorders, Arbitrators, Regulators – even a Lord Chief Justice.

As an independent leading set we operate across a broad spectrum of practice areas, from clinical negligence and personal injury, and child and family work, to white collar crime and a full range of commercial disciplines.

We believe that all clients benefit from the breadth of work that members are trained in before specialising, each discipline honing different sets of legal and advocacy skill which we bring to bear on all our work. Clients’ legal problems are often not easily pigeonholed and the mental agility that comes from being trained so broadly before specialising promotes out-of-the-box thinking and an innovative approach to finding legal solutions. Together with top-of-the-range advocacy skills, this is exactly what clients tell us they need from their barristers in the modern legal world.

Our members practice in courts and tribunals throughout England and Wales and Internationally. In the last year members have appeared in cases in Hong Kong, Dubai, The Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

We are also actively involved in Pro Bono work and efforts to promote equality and diversity at the Bar.

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