Barrister Susan Reed

Susan Reed

Year of call: 1984  


“Susan has always been my ‘go-to’ barrister on family cases particularly care proceedings or family cases with a genuine legal argument. She has excellent forensic skills.”

John Mitchell, Sills & Betteridge



Practising exclusively in child law, Susan Reed is highly regarded for her expertise across all aspects of Children Act proceedings, but above all for her work on public law cases and adoption matters. She regularly appears in complex and serious public and private law cases where medical issues have arisen or allegations of sexual abuse have been made. Her client base includes local authorities, parents and guardians, as well as intervening grandparents or other family members. She has considerable experience in representing those with mental health difficulties or learning disability. Susan speaks and writes on her areas of legal speciality.

Child & Family

Child & Family

Practising exclusively in child law and predominantly on the Midland Circuit and in London, Susan is highly regarded for her expertise in Children Act proceedings, particularly public law cases, although she also has considerable experience in private law applications.

Susan has extensive specialist experience of care proceedings which investigate allegations of physical, sexual or emotional abuse, and she has been involved many cases where parents are alleged to have induced or fabricated illness in their children. She has been instructed in cases invoking the use of the inherent jurisdiction and wardship to protect teenagers, and has also acted in cases of adult incapacity and the use of the inherent jurisdiction to regulate abortion or other forms of medical treatment.

Susan’s client base includes parents, guardians, NHS Trusts and local authorities. For the latter, she can provide advice relating to PII issues for the disclosure of records and/or evidence in criminal proceedings. As a criminal practitioner in her early years at the Bar, Susan is readily equipped to advise upon the many issues involved when parallel proceedings are ongoing in the Family and Criminal Courts.


  • Family Law Bar Association
  • Association of Lawyers for Children

Child & Family Cases

  • Re A (A Child) [2013] EWCA Civ 543: Court of Appeal allowing appeal against variation of interim contact to substantially increase unsupervised contact pending assessment ordered to address risks of same and commenting on need for judicial caution at interim stage in making observations on evidence before complete or without opportunity to be tested.

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Susan is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of individuals. In order to provide legal services, including advice and representation services, Susan needs to process personal data. This will include client’s personal data and the personal data of others who feature in the course of any matter upon which she is instructed.

Susan will process personal data in accordance with her Privacy Policy.

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