Lewis Power QC advises on ongoing Tyson Fury Dispute

Following ongoing investigations into the repeated drug use of World Champion boxer, Tyson Fury, Lewis Power QC spoke in defence of the contentious sportsman. Underlining the nuanced and delicate nature of the case at hand, Lewis Power QC urged sensitivity and asked that decision makers be mindful of Fury’s mental state when making any judgements over his world titles.

Speaking to The Mirror, Lewis Power QC compelled sanctioning bodies, the WBO and WBA to carefully consider Fury’s depressive state before taking investigative proceedings any further. Lewis Power QC alleged that Fury’s “bizarre behaviour” and drug use was a result of the continued “hounding by social media and commentators, and his ongoing disputes with certain sporting bodies” and not an attempt to enhance sporting performance.

Having only recently been diagnosed with major depression, Lewis Power QC asked that Fury’s cocaine abuse be considered the act of a desperate and vulnerable man “seeking to end all the mounting pressure on him due to his state of mind.” Power went on to ask that Fury be granted “the time and space in order to recover” to overcome the “hound of depression.”

The case continues.

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