Here is what some of our past pupils have to say about life during and after pupillage.

Chris Canning

Whilst I was preparing to start as a pupil barrister by catching the last of the Greek sunshine in September 2015, preparations seemed to be underway in Chambers to welcome me and Kirsty.

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Kitty Geddes

If I had to give my past self any advice about how to approach the first weeks of tenancy it would be take a holiday. A proper one. Not a Thursday to Sunday kind of holiday where you travel eight hours.

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Kirsty Lea

Chambers is a family. Each and every member of Chambers is approachable and willing to share their knowledge and experience with you. Everyone wants you to succeed, and there is a real sense of comradery within Chambers.

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Nia Frobisher

I applied for pupillage at 7BR as it was clear from my research that Chambers were highly regarded in a number of my preferred areas but was also one of the few truly mixed common law sets in London.

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Kat Shields

I thoroughly enjoyed being a pupil at 7BR. During my BPTC I heard many horror stories from friends about their pupillages, but my time as a pupil was full of interesting challenges and experiences.

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Olivia Bennett

From the moment I received a call from Adam Weitzman KC informing me that I had been offered pupillage, I felt welcomed into the 7BR family.  Adam kindly invited my co-pupils and I for tea at Chambers to learn more about the year ahead.

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James Megarry

When I arrived for the first day at 7BR with my co-pupils, I was immediately made to feel part of the team…

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Thomas Russell

As my pupillage start date approached, I began to feel more than a little nervous about the year ahead. My hope is that these short paragraphs show how foolish those feelings were. Pupillage at 7BR has been an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience and really, a standout year…

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