The Team At 7BR: The safeguarding of children in sport reflects the wider recognition of the welfare needs of children generally. With growing evidence of allegations of the mistreatment of children in sport, it is important to ensure that both individuals and sports organisations have specialist advice and representation. Our members have considerable expertise in the field of Children Law, undertaking the most demanding and complex cases involving children in Tribunals, the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

The Child Protection in Sport team at 7BR can advise upon the main legal issues surrounding child welfare. This is relevant to not only those who train and coach children in a professional coach-athlete relationship, but also to individuals and organisations in the voluntary sector.

Particular Expertise: Expertise covers advice and representation surrounding maltreatment, injury, alleged abuse and also over-training of children in a sporting context in addition to the following:

  • Child protection in sport protocols and guidance, including drafting, training and advice
  • Allegations made by children against sports organisations and individual coaches
  • Representing the interests of professional and other sporting organisations, coaches and trainers against whom allegations of mistreatment are made
  • Particular expertise relating to both sporting individuals and sports organisations on psychiatric injury by over-training or abuse
  • Judicial review and public law issues relating to the involvement of children in sport


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Paul Eeles, Senior Civil Clerk
Alex Coomber, Sports Law Clerk

Child Protection In Sport Barristers

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Barrister Rachel Langdale

Rachel Langdale QC

Call: 1990 | QC: 2009

Barrister Barbara Connolly

Barbara Connolly QC

Call: 1986 | QC: 2011

Barrister Tim Meakin

Tim Meakin

Call: 1989

Barrister Brendan Roche

Brendan Roche

Call: 1989

Barrister Luke Blackburn

Luke Blackburn

Call: 1993

Barrister James Weston

James Weston

Call: 2007

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