Article 2 Inquests

Article 2 Inquests

We have significant expertise in jury inquests arising from deaths in state custody and other Article 2 and quasi-Article 2 cases. We are particularly aware of the sensitive issues that surround such cases.

We draw on our recognised expertise in child law, mental health, health and safety, and human rights work.  Examples of our work include, the inquest into the shooting of Jean Charles De Menezes, deaths in prison custody, the inquests arising from the Ladbroke Grove and Hatfield train crashes, deaths in secure psychiatric units, the deaths of children who are under the care of the state and military deaths.

We advise and appear in judicial reviews of coroners’ decisions and have extensive experience of the civil claims and criminal prosecutions that can flow from an inquest. A number of members sit as deputy assistant coroners.

We represent bereaved families as well as interested parties including police forces, medical practitioners, NHS bodies, private health care providers, local authorities and government departments and agencies.



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Article 2 Inquests Barristers

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Barrister Rachel Langdale

Rachel Langdale QC

Call: 1990 | QC: 2009

Barrister Barbara Connolly

Barbara Connolly QC

Call: 1986 | QC: 2011

Barrister Vanessa Marshall

Vanessa Marshall QC

Call: 1994 | QC: 2018

Barrister Adam Clemens

Adam Clemens

Call: 1985

Barrister Nicholas Cropp

Nicholas Cropp

Call: 1999

Barrister Richard Baker

Richard Baker

Call: 2000

Barrister Steven Gray

Steven Gray

Call: 2000

Barrister Gina Allwood

Gina Allwood

Call: 2002

Barrister James Weston

James Weston

Call: 2007

Barrister James Robottom

James Robottom

Call: 2009

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