Personal Injury

Actions Involving The Police

The police sub-group draws on the talent and expertise of established criminal, personal injury and public law/regulatory groups. We operate across the range of:

  • confiscation/asset recovery
  • licensing
  • inquests into deaths in custody
  • civil actions: false imprisonment, assault, malicious prosecution, misfeasance and negligence
  • human rights claims
  • personal injury/workplace liability
  • data protection and information sharing agreements
  • acting as independent counsel on searches to consider potentially legally privileged material
  • judicial review (both the police and police and crime commissioners)

We represent both claimants and defendants, but have a defendant bias, based primarily on a long and successful relationship with the Metropolitan Police (and other forces). Over the last decade we have represented the Met’ on a whole series of judicial review challenges brought by the late Brian Haw and other protectors to the legislative regimes covering the protest in Parliament Square. We are currently active in a series of judicial review challenges to the legality of warrants in the terrorism sphere.

We have a good working relationship with the judges at the Central London County Court – now based at the Thomas More Building – where most police jury trials are conducted. Our advocates, schooled initially at the criminal bar, have excellent trial management skills.


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Call +44 (0) 20 7242 3555 or email:

Paul Eeles, Senior Clerk
Mark Waterson, Clerk

Actions Involving The Police Barristers

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Barrister Adam Weitzman

Adam Weitzman QC

Call: 1993 | QC: 2016

Barrister Adam Clemens

Adam Clemens

Call: 1985

Barrister Gareth Weetman

Gareth Weetman

Call: 1999

Barrister William Chapman

William Chapman

Call: 2003

Barrister Jonathan Bertram

Jonathan Bertram

Call: 2003

Barrister Craig Carr

Craig Carr

Call: 2005

Barrister James Weston

James Weston

Call: 2007

Barrister James Robottom

James Robottom

Call: 2009

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