Commercial Barristers


Members of the 7BR commercial team act for corporate and individual clients in litigation, arbitrations mediations and also in non contentious matters.

Members have particular experience in fraud, corruption, bribery and related work involving freezing and search and seize orders in aid of asset recovery in civil fraud. In cases of this kind where matters develop very quickly 7BR can offer a full service team of barristers with substantial cross-over expertise in commercial litigation, regulatory, criminal and employment law. Members of the team have also acted in numerous offshore cases and cases involving cross border issues and issues of jurisdiction.

The commercial team also has members who practice in insurance, construction and IT, shareholder and director disputes, contractual disputes of all kinds, sale of goods, professional negligence, insolvency, and partnership disputes.



  • Asset Recovery
  • Commercial Fraud
  • Conflict Of Laws
  • Construction
  • Directors & Shareholders
  • International Arbitration
  • Insolvency
  • Insurance Law
  • Partnership
  • Pre-emptive Remedies
  • Professional Negligence
  • Sale Of Goods

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Paul Eeles, Senior Clerk

Albie Barton, Commercial and Employment Clerk

Commercial Barristers

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Barrister Derek Sweeting

Derek Sweeting QC

Call: 1983 | QC: 2001

Barrister Hugh Preston

Hugh Preston QC

Call: 1994 | QC: 2012

Barrister Tim Walker

Tim Walker

Call: 1984

Barrister Simon King

Simon King

Call: 1987

Barrister Adam Korn

Adam Korn

Call: 1992

Barrister Jeffrey Jupp

Jeffrey Jupp

Call: 1994

Barrister Nicholas Cropp

Nicholas Cropp

Call: 1999

Barrister David O'Mahony

David O'Mahony

Call: 2000

Barrister Adam Walker

Adam Walker

Call: 2000

Barrister William Chapman

William Chapman

Call: 2003

Barrister Jonathan Bertram

Jonathan Bertram

Call: 2003

Barrister Conor Dufficy

Conor Dufficy

Call: 2004

Barrister Craig Carr

Craig Carr

Call: 2005

Barrister Ashley Pratt

Ashley Pratt

Call: 2006

Barrister Patricia Leonard

Patricia Leonard

Call: 2007

Barrister Alex Young

Alex Young

Call: 2008

Barrister Caroline Lody

Caroline Lody

Call: 2009

Barrister Helen Compton

Helen Compton

Call: 2011

Barrister Jas Jandu

Jas Jandu

Call: 2014

Barrister Emily Mitchell

Emily Mitchell

Call: 2015

Barrister Kat Shields

Kat Shields

Call: 2016

Barrister Nia Frobisher

Nia Frobisher

Call: 2016

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