Media Applications In Respect Of Publicity

Media Applications In Respect Of Publicity

Members of Chambers are highly experienced in family cases which consider the use and ambit of s97(2) Children Act 1989, s12 Administration of Justice Act 1960, and the “parallel analysis” of competing Convention Rights. They are familiar with the drafting of Reporting Restriction Orders and Injunctions which may be necessary to preserve the confidentiality of some or all of those involved in Children Act cases – be they children, parents or professionals. They are able to advise upon issues surrounding the use of anticipatory injunctions against the media in certain cases, the process and procedure to be adopted, and the desirability or otherwise of the same within the context of a need for accountability of the family courts (and Court of Protection) to the public.

Media Applications In Respect Of Publicity Barristers

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Barrister Rachel Langdale

Rachel Langdale QC

Call: 1990 | QC: 2009

Barrister Barbara Connolly

Barbara Connolly QC

Call: 1986 | QC: 2011

Barrister Susan Reed

Susan Reed

Call: 1984

Barrister Brendan Roche

Brendan Roche

Call: 1989

Barrister Anita Guha

Anita Guha

Call: 1997

Barrister Justin Slater

Justin Slater

Call: 1999

Barrister Gina Allwood

Gina Allwood

Call: 2002

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