Family Finance & Divorce Barristers

Family Finance & Divorce

Within the child and family team we offer expertise in family financial remedies whether upon divorce or at the end of cohabitation, or in anticipation of marriage.

Members advise and represent clients across the financial spectrum – from those with modest means to those with substantial wealth. Areas undertaken range from the niche field of international family trusts and pre and postnuptial agreements, to general areas of financial relief. This includes divorce and schedule 1 claims, TOLATA applications, bankruptcy and intervention by and for third parties, including by the CPS in cases where there are parallel criminal confiscation proceedings. Members appear and advise at every stage – from drafting prenuptial agreements, the pre-application conference to the maintenance pending suit application, and through each stage of a financial remedies application to final hearing. They advise upon and can undertake appeals against court orders, applications to vary existing orders or applications for the enforcement of court orders.

The family team at 7BR recognise the emotional impact and the distress the breakdown any intimate relationship has upon the client, their children and their extended family. Members of the team are known for their friendly, and empathetic approach to this highly charged area of family law. They bring to each case the negotiating skills and first rate advocacy skills required to reach satisfactory outcomes for each individual client.

Family Finance & Divorce Barristers

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Barrister Barbara Connolly

Barbara Connolly QC

Call: 1986 | QC: 2011

Barrister Gina Allwood

Gina Allwood

Call: 2002

Barrister Simon Rowbotham

Simon Rowbotham

Call: 2011

Barrister Emily Mitchell

Emily Mitchell

Call: 2015

Barrister Kitty Geddes

Kitty Geddes

Call: 2016

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