Barrister Graham Huston

Graham Huston

Year of call: 1991  


“Relates well with defendants at the most difficult time of their life and leads them through the court process.”



Graham Huston has been immersed in crime for 30 years. He is a Grade 4 CPS Prosecutor.

Graham is regarded as being a very careful advocate who is particularly adept at dealing with sensitive and complex cases. He has appeared as leading counsel in a number of cases and as junior counsel alone in murder cases.

Graham regularly appears in the Court of Appeal and is instructed by the CPS and solicitors acting for Defendants throughout the East Midlands and East Anglia. He has been a Recorder since 2009.

Before being called to the Bar in 1991 Graham was a solicitor at Offenbach & Co having conduct of a substantial case load of very serious crime including very large scale drug importations.

Graham lives in Suffolk where he enjoys sailing on the Orwell and Stour estuaries



Graham frequently prosecutes multi handed cases and is often instructed to prosecute cases of a sensitive nature.

He has been instructed at Court Martial trials in Germany and in the UK.

He is very regularly instructed to prosecute and defend serious sex cases, frequently involving historical allegations.

He is very experienced in the handling of young and/ or vulnerable witnesses and has experience of cases involving the use of an intermediary.

He is well known as being diligent and thorough in his preparation of cases and is often the first choice of advocate in particularly distressing cases involving a history of mental ill health, including cases of cruelty to children, fatal baby shaking cases and the murder of one or both parents. He is also frequently instructed in cases of death by dangerous driving.

He has prosecuted and defended whether as junior counsel or alone in countless murder, attempt murder and manslaughter cases.

Graham has a wealth of experience in all aspects of criminal law, reflected in his being appointed as a Recorder in 2009.


  • Midland Circuit
  • Criminal Bar Association

Crime Cases

Defence Junior Alone

  • Dantes (2014): Defendant stabbed both parents to death.
  • Wells (2014): Alleged sexual offences within the family 1968 and at residential school 1976. Part of investigation into sexual abuse in childrens’ homes Norfolk and Lincolnshire during 1970s.
  • Blackledge (2014): Mother removed finger and toe nails from her infant daughter over a year.
  • Talbot (2013): Murder of father. Mental health background.
  • Cullen (2012): Murder. Victim was kicked in the head. Defendant convicted manslaughter.
  • Basquil (2011): Horrendous allegations of historic sexual abuse against father. Complainant cross examined on psychiatric history for six days. On conclusion no case to answer.

Defence Led Junior

  • Hall Venmore (2013): Murder of partner. Mental health background.
  • Picksley (Jones) (2010): Mindless murder of vulnerable male by group of juveniles.
  • Bryan (2008): Murder. Baby shaking. On investigation offatal incident two previous instances of shaking to babies of previous partners discovered. Harrowing.
  • Hudson (2005): Murder. ‘Family from hell’ case.

Prosecuting Led Counsel

  • Cashin & Others (2014): Court of Appeal – Gang execution. Four shots fired into parked car containing four occupants. Cashin convicted of murder and attempted murder x 3.
  • Venclovas (2012): Lithuanian travelled to Peterborough where he abducted his estranged partner, bundled her int his van, killed her, drove to Poland and buried the body. His every movement tracked by Sat Nav and mobile phones.

How to get in touch

For more information please contact our clerks by calling +44 (0) 20 7242 3555 or by email.

Privacy Notice

Graham is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of individuals. In order to provide legal services, including advice and representation services, Graham needs to process personal data. This will include client’s personal data and the personal data of others who feature in the course of any matter upon which he is instructed.

Graham will process personal data in accordance with his Privacy Policy.

Please click here to see how Graham will, absent any other arrangement with those instructing him, fulfil any Joint Controller responsibilities he may have under relevant data protection legislation.

Judicial Appointments

  • Recorder in 2009
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