The Geekie Report Chelsea Football Club – Review of non-recent Child Sexual Abuse

The Geekie Report, a 247 page review into non-recent child sexual abuse at Chelsea Football Club has been published as of July 2019.

As part of the review, legal opinions upon practice and procedure in non-recent child abuse claims were sought. Two members of Chambers appear in Section 5 of the Geekie Report – The Civil Claim.

Steven Ford QC was requested to provide an opinion to the Review Team for the club and his expert evidence on historic child abuse claims is cited.

William Chapman is also cited as an expert witness in support of Charles Geekie QC’s conclusion that ‘there should not have been a confidentiality clause’ in the settlement of a claim in 2015 against Chelsea Football Club for damages for sexual abuse by the football-scout, Eddie Heath.

Click here to view the full Geekie report.

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