Pavlos Panayi QC successfully defends man accused of wounding with intent

Andrew Pilliner was charged with wounding with intent after an incident involving his girlfriend Clara Martin in September 2018. During a drunken argument on a night out in Bournemouth, Mr Pilliner launched Ms Martin over a 20ft wall. She landed head first on the concrete ground and suffered a fractured neck and head injury.

Mr Pilliner pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding. Pavlos Panayi QC told the court in Mr Pilliner’s defence “I don’t in any way seek to belittle his actions. It is shocking. He could easily have killed or paralysed the woman he loves and he is shocked by that. But she sits in court today to prove to you that she is not frightened of him. This is not a story of domestic violence or an abusive relationship. She and her children want him back home so that they can put behind them his years of alcohol abuse and addiction.

“He has been consuming, for years, shocking quantities of alcohol – 200-300 units a week, that’s five or six bottles of Prosecco a day on top of two or three bottles of spirits.

“He’s lucky to be alive.”

“His determination to address his addiction cannot be underestimated.”

Judge Fuller was persuaded to suspend the prison sentence so that Mr Pilliner could return to his family and continue his treatment for his addiction to addiction.

Pavlos was instructed by Lewis Nedas & Co Solicitors for the defence.

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