James House QC and Ben Isaacs successfully prosecuted two men who were found guilty of the murder and torture of a Leicester Jeweller

Ramniklal Jogiya, a 74 year old jeweller from Leicester, was kidnapped as he walked home from his shop on the 24 January 2018. He was bundled into a van where he was tortured for information, namely the codes to the burglar alarm and safes within his jewellery shop. He suffered multiple injuries, including 6 fractured ribs, a detached bicep and 21 small distinct injuries, consistent with having been repeatedly shot with a BB gun designed to cause maximum pain to force the information from him. He also received significant blunt force trauma to his head, resulting in brain damage and rendering him unconscious. Thereafter, he was dumped in an isolated location in the countryside outside Leicester, where he died as a result of the head injuries he had sustained.

The gang who tortured him, took his keys and then entered his shop and attempted to enter the safe, but were unable to do so, due to a time delay facility upon the safe.

Thomas Jervis, Charlie McAuley and Callan Reeve all pleaded guilty to his kidnap and robbery. Jervis and McAuley were convicted by the Jury of his murder and Reeve of his manslaughter.

The case has been adjourned to the 10 September for sentence.

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