Gang jailed for kidnap and torture of a teenager in Grantham

A gang of kidnappers has been jailed for a total of 30 years at Lincoln Crown Court after being convicted of kidnapping and torturing a teenager in a dispute over drugs.

The teenager became involved in a dispute with some of the kidnappers who accused him of stealing £5,000 worth of drugs.

The boy went into hiding but was lured out by the gang with a fake Facebook friend request from a woman known as Tracey Ann. He was kidnapped and tortured when he left hiding to meet the woman.

Gordon Aspden prosecuting said the victim “was subjected to gratuitous violence. It culminated in a brutal assault during which he was slashed across the face with a knife.”

The boy was moved to a safe house and his aunt was contacted with a demand that a £5,000 ransom to be paid for his release.

No ransom was paid, and the boy was eventually freed from a third address in Peterborough.

He needed 20 stitches in his face and suffered numerous cuts and bruises as well as a stab wound to his right buttock.

Kane Stone, 25, Adam Couzens, 26, Delano McKinsley, 22, and Mohammed Nazir, 26, all admitted conspiracy to kidnap between September 11 and 21, 2016.

Stone and Couzens also admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm. Danielle Corrigan ,27, denied conspiracy to kidnap but was found guilty following a trial.

Stone and Couzens were each jailed for 12 years and seven months. Nazir was jailed for five years and eight months. Corrigan was jailed for four years.

Sentence on McKinsley was adjourned to a later date and he was remanded in custody.

Alan Stokes ,35, admitted conspiracy to falsely imprison.

Judge Simon Hirst, passing sentence, told the gang: “I have no doubt that this was about drug dealing and the victim stealing drugs from Stone and Couzens.

“It is aggravated by taking place in broad daylight.”

“The extent of the violence was very significant. Your victim felt he was going to die. He has had to move out of the area because of what happened.”

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