Charlie Pearce found guilty of attempted murder

A teenager accused of attempting to murder a woman he attacked in a park in Leicester has been found guilty of attempted murder.

Charlie Pearce, 17, had pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm and two counts of rape but denied he intended to murder the victim. The jurors took just three hours to convict him of attempted murder.

Mr Pearce attacked his victim with a concrete slab before being spotted on CCTV leaving the park. He was seen hiding from sight in an alleyway as a police car, responding to the 999 call about his victim, passed by and was found to have searched for depraved footage of rape prior to the attack. Gordon Aspden, prosecuting, said this showed that an attack of this nature was “clearly something that had been festering” on the defendant’s mind for some time.

A reporting restriction on Mr Pearce’s identity was lifted by the judge following applications from the media.

Justice Charles Haddon-Cave warned Mr Pearce that he faced a “lengthy” prison sentence following his conviction and adjourned the sentencing to allow for pre-sentencing reports to be filed.

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