Derek Sweeting QC and Richard Baker secure significant judgment in Manna v Health Authority

Derek Sweeting QC and Richard Baker recently received a favourable judgment regarding the case Lamarieo Manna v Central Manchester University Hospital. This was a significant case as it recognised that in the case of separated or divorced parents of disabled children that provision can be made for two adapted properties so that the child can spend time with both parents in their homes.

Importantly, it discusses inherent problems with applying the Roberts v Johnstone formula to cases involving a short-life expectancy and identified some of the inherent problems created by that formula. Further, the judgment confirms that it may be appropriate to look at alternative structures to the Roberts v Johnstone calculation in cases where using that calculation effectively prevents a claimant from purchasing a property that meets their needs.

To learn more about this judgment and its significance, Richard Baker will be presenting a discussion of this case at Week 5 of the Skeleton Series 2017, Thursday 16th February.

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