Simeon Maskrey QC and Richard Baker secure substantial settlement for Atherton family

Simeon Maskrey QC and Richard Baker appeared before the High Court to secure a £2.5 million settlement for parents Mr and Mrs Atherton, who were acting on behalf of their severely disabled son, Peter. This result followed years of legal turmoil and the destruction of contemporaneous medical records.

Born in August 1969, Peter Atherton suffered from asphyxia and was white at birth. It was later discovered that there was a probable 20 minute delay in resuscitating Peter which resulted in “catastrophic” birth injuries.

As a result of the severity of his disabilities, Peter has required lifelong care which has been solely administered by his parents, now in their 70’s. Due to lack of evidence legal action was not pursued at the time of the injury. In 2014 however, Peter’s parents re-investigated the possibility of medical negligence after new evidence came to light.

Following the hearing last week, Mrs Atherton offered effusive praise for her legal and medical team who were instrumental in securing such a positive outcome. Speaking on the result, Mrs Atherton commented that: “the damages mean that we will be able to look after Peter and take it a little bit easier ourselves.”
Commenting on the result, Richard Baker described the case as “incredibly challenging but it was a delight to get such a great result for the family.”

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