James House QC and Vanessa Marshall successful in prosecution of father and sons in Langley Mill fire deaths

On the morning of the 21st June 2015 a fire was deliberately started outside a flat in Langley Mill Derbyshire, killing two teenagers and a baby. After a five week long trial father Peter Eyre, and his two sons Simon and Anthony Eyre, have each been convicted of 3 counts of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment; serving a minimum term of 32 years, 26 years, and 23 years respectively.

James House QC and Vanessa Marshall were prosecuting on the case in which a six-month-old baby and her 17 year-old mother and friend died. The fire was started as an act of revenge over a dispute concerning a stolen moped, allegedly taken by another of Peter Eyre’s sons and belonging to the mother’s 18 year-old boyfriend who managed to escape the fire with the help of neighbours. Described as a “mindless attack” the front door where the fire was started was the only means of entry/exit from the flat.

You can read more about the case on the BBC.

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