Maureen Baker QC Represents John McGrath’s Family In An Inquest

Schizophrenic grandson (WB) killed his grandfather (JM) with a knife and caused severe injuries to his grandmother. At the time he was under care in the community by a Notts Assertive Outreach Team 2 months before he killed his grandfather he had been named as a suspect in an attempted robbery where the attacker had a machete yet Notts Police did not arrest thoughout all of that time as they were “too busy”.

The Coroner Found That:

“There was delay in arranging for William to be assessed under the Mental Health Act 1983 between 16 April and 24 July 2009. If this had been carried out before 24 July 2009, it is likely that William would have been detained and would not have been at liberty to kill John. There was also delay by the police in arresting William in relation to a separate incident in May 2009. If William had been arrested, it is likely that an assessment under the Mental Health Act would have ensued, William would have been detained, and would not have been at liberty to kill his grandfather.”

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