Barrister Hari Kaur

Hari Kaur

Year of call: 1995  


“A highly skilled advocate who can make the most complicated proceedings look simple.”



Hari practices in the areas of Child and Family and Personal Injury (including coroner’s courts).

Hari has significant experience in the family courts in cases involving sexual abuse and serious/fatal alleged non-accidental injury cases. She is regularly instructed in cases where cross examination is required of various medical experts including: pediatric neurosurgeons, neuro – radiologists, pediatricians and geneticists.

This extensive experience has proved invaluable in civil cases where Hari accepts instructions in claims arising from failure to remove cases and historical sexual abuse cases.

Furthermore, her considerable background in dealing with complex medico legal issues has resulted in instructions being received from NHS Trusts where the Trust seeks advice as to whether to intervene in family proceedings where allegations of negligence are being made against the NHS Trust. Such cases are usually in the context of allegations of non-accidental injury.

The complexity of Hari’s practice is such that she is led by Queen’s Counsel on numerous cases and also regularly appears, without Queens Counsel, in cases where one or more of the other parties have instructed Leaders.

Hari also accepts Public/Direct Access work.


  • Punjabi (conversational)
  • Urdu (working knowledge)
  • Hindi ( working knowledge)
Child & Family Personal Injury

Child & Family

Hari is specifically known for her expertise in the following children cases:

  • Where there are allegations of serious/fatal non- accidental injury or sexual abuse. She has a reputation for being able to assimilate large amounts of complex medical information.
  • Representing children via NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service) and on behalf of CAFCASS in complex residence and contact proceedings where children have been made parties to the proceedings.
  • International cases involving Hague, Non Hague removal, Brussels II (revised) and applications to remove from the jurisdiction. Also international adoptions.
  • Her considerable experience in complex residence and contact proceedings makes her a popular choice for direct access clients involved in such proceedings.
  • Inherent jurisdiction and wardship.


  • FLBA (Family Law Bar Association)
  • Hari is in her second year as serving member on the national FLBA committee


  • Punjabi (conversational)
  • Urdu (working knowledge)
  • Hindi ( working knowledge)

Care Proceedings & Adoption Private Law Children Proceedings Court Of Protection

Care Proceedings & Adoption

Hari is popular in the public law area because of her vast experience in care and adoption proceedings. She is able to bring a wide perspective to cases given that she is regularly instructed by Local Authorities, parents and solicitors on behalf of the children.

Hari has an easy manner and is able to put vulnerable clients at ease and ensure that they are kept as involved with the proceedings as possible.

Her particular expertise lies in medico legal cases and sexual abuse cases where her forensic attention to detail is much in demand.

She is also a popular choice in family cases involving an immigration/cultural aspect.

Private Law Children Proceedings

Hari is regularly instructed by NYAS to act on behalf of children who are the subject of intractable contact/residence disputes. These cases often involve one or both parents acting in person and this has meant that she has built up considerable experience of being the only advocate in lengthy and complex cases involving litigants in person. This background means that she is particularly suited to accepting instructions direct from members of the public in complex contact / residence disputes and applications to remove from the jurisdiction.

Court Of Protection

Hari’’s considerable experience in dealing with vulnerable people in care proceedings makes her particularly suited to Court of Protection Work. She accepts instructions from Applicants and Respondents in such proceedings.

Child & Family Cases

  • Re W (Children) [2012] EWCA Civ 999: Hari represented the children via their NYAS Guardian in an intractable contact dispute. The Court of Appeal took the opportunity to reiterate the duties and responsibilities that parental responsibility confers upon a parent.
  • S-L (Children) [2011] EWCA Civ 1022: Involved a successful appeal by Father when the judge at first instance refused his application for further assessment by an Independent Social Worker.
  • Re W (Cross-examination) [2010] EWCA Civ 1449: Hari represented the children via their NYAS Guardian in an intractable contact dispute. The Court of Appeal considered Article 6 points including the right of a party to cross examine witnesses.
  • TE v SH & S [2010] EWHC 192: Historical allegations of sexual abuse, including inter sibling abuse, involving 5 sets of respondents. A successful application by Hari and her leader led to their client being discharged as an intervener from a 4 week fact finding hearing. The Court of Appeal dismissed the Local Authority appeal and reiterated the legal principles to be applied when a court is considering whether a fact finding hearing was needed.

Personal Injury

Hari’s experiences in dealing with complex family law cases in the public law sphere means that she is very familiar with social services structures and the statutory duties of Local Authorities. She is able to use this experience to her advantage when accepting instructions in civil cases where there are allegations of historic sexual abuse, allegations about the care received at the hands of a foster carers and in ‘failure to remove’ cases.

Her vast experience in dealing with medical evidence also means that she is well suited to accepting instructions in the coroner’s court.


  • Punjabi (conversational)
  • Urdu (working knowledge)
  • Hindi ( working knowledge)
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