7BR announcement on AGFS scheme

7BR is a leading set of barristers providing expertise and assistance to professional and lay clients across a broad spectrum of practice areas. Our criminal team consists of 6 QCs and 29 juniors, who between them prosecute, defend and have practised in jurisdictions all around the world. 7BR believes in the principles of the Rule of Law, the administration of justice, and access to representation for all those charged with criminal offences, irrespective of wealth or means.

The recent proposals for payments in criminal cases (the AGFS scheme) follow a series of cuts to the funding of the criminal justice system made by successive governments and over a number of years. As individual barristers within the crime team, we support the recommendation of the Criminal Bar Association and from 1st April 2018 we have resolved not to accept legal aid cases under the AGFS scheme.

Whilst 7BR regrets that this action has needed to be taken, it is a direct result of the serious under funding of criminal legal aid mentioned above and also the failure of the government to ensure that AGFS payments are index linked so they at least keep pace with inflation.

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